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Usage[edit source]

Creates a link to template page on Wikipedia, while displaying only a compact superscript letter "W". This is useful for linking to a template on Wikipedia, alongside a link to the corresponding template on Appropedia that one types separately.

This is especially useful when importing one or several templates from Wikipedia to Appropedia, to record progress on a page of notes.

The template takes on argument: the name of the template page on Wikipedia you want to link to, without the Template: prefix.

Type this To get this
{{Tl|Cite web}}{{Tlw|Cite web}} {{Cite web}}W

See also[edit source]

  • {{Tl}} - for linking to templates on Appropedia while displaying them in the same way one would use the templates
  • {{W}} - works the same as this template, but without adding the Template: prefix, therefore the template to use to link to non-template pages on Wikipedia