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Template:Unclear copyright

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WARNING: Unclear Copyright Status
The copyright status of this image, file, article or section is unclear. Only work available under a clear open license may be used on Appropedia - i.e. a license which allows the content to be reused and modified for any purpose.
  • If it is open licensed, and clear attribution or claim of ownership is needed, or
  • If it is not open licensed, it needs to be removed. Text can be reworded, and alternative images with open licenses (your own or from the web) may be uploaded.

See Appropedia:Unclear copyright status for details on fixing this.

This notice has been up since {{{1}}}.


Use the following code to implement this template:

{{unclear copyright|Month, Year}}

The template categorizes the including page as Category:Pages needing copyright clarification.

When you add this to a page with possible copyvio text, it may be a good idea to place that text beneath this tag inside blockquote tags, so it stands out:

possible copyvio text

This helps keep track as content is adapted and moved into the unmarked (not copyvio) section above it, or elsewhere.

See also[edit]

  • {{copyvio}} - for definite copyright violations.