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  • ...ikiGnomes work behind the scenes of a wiki, tying up little loose ends and making things run more smoothly." :In making stubs, I think you'll find [[APDS]] useful. Don't hesitate to contact me (o
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  • ...certain advice such as the suggestion to use molds made of lead for candy making. Remember that this advice dates back over 100 years, well before many mode ...clean washed and dried, half a pound of jar raisins, stoned and chopped, a glass of rich sweet wine, and 5 eggs, beaten with a little salt. Mix all thorough
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  • * [[Root Crops 26]] * [[Bioconversion of Organic Residues for Rural Communities 26]]
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  • ...d in excess, is apt to render the glass milky. For a perfectly transparent glass, the pearlash is found much superior to lead; perhaps better than any other melted, the glass-blowers commence their operations. For the best flint-glass, 120 lbs. of white sand, 50 lbs. of [[red lead]], 40 lbs. of the best [[pea
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  • ...savings from recycling are huge. Steel made from recycled scrap takes only 26 per-cent as much energy as that from iron ore. For aluminum, the figure is ...n our future looks a whole lot brighter than before. Reusing newspapers as coloring sheets and decorations or wrapping paper was ideas that grew from this arti
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