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| plastic filament
| plastic filament
| free*
| free
| 3" pvc pipe
| 3" pvc pipe
| ownd
| free
|glass tube
|glass tube
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*all free items were donated by the school
See [[Help:Tables]] and [[Help:Table examples]] for more.
See [[Help:Tables]] and [[Help:Table examples]] for more.

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Sample photo caption.
You can put an abstract (a brief description of your project) here.

Some introduction text and background can go here.

Understanding the market

This is where you can describe what already exists, what is needed, etc. You may want to include inline references. [1]

To make bullets use the asterisk:

  • Like this
  • and like this
    • and two for the next indent
  • and back to one...

Project goals

Turn an old household water heater into a solar concentrated water heater

Project steps:

  1. Model full scale design
  2. Model and build a 3-D printed small scale prototype
  3. Test effectiveness of design based on prototype
  4. Build full scale solar concentrator


Describe your design here.

Next level heading

You may need deeper level headings. Just keep adding equal signs to get that.



Item Cost
plastic filament free
3" pvc pipe free
glass tube $2.50
reflective mylar film $11.00

Full design

Item Cost
water heater free
chair legs free
glass tube $3.50
mylar film re-used

See Help:Tables and Help:Table examples for more.


Your discussion.

Next steps

The next steps.


Your conclusions.


  1. You can use the ref code to include inline references. See Help:Footnotes for more.

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