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Engr305 Appropriate Technology page in progress
This page is a project in progress by students in Engr305 Appropriate Technology. Please do not make edits unless you are a member of the team working on this page, but feel free to make comments on the discussion page. Check back for the finished version on May 15, 2013.


We are designing a rainwater catchment system for a friend who just recently bought property in Blue Lake California. We want to redirect rainwater (grey water) for use in flushing the indoor toilet. Kyle Basnett and Colin Bourgeois are working on this project as part of the Humboldt State University's Engineering 305 course, in Appropriate Technology.

Project Goals

  1. Utilize maximum efficient level of rainwater to preserve filtered clean water
  2. Redirect water flow from as many locations as possible for utilization
  3. Install as many gutter systems as money and efficiency allow
  4. Design a system in a way to easily operate and maintain
  5. Design to prevent water damage if system fails


Details in process.


Yet to be determined.


  • Looking for cheap, hopefully eco-friendly supplies.
    • Currently in planning stage.


In progress...



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