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RCEA energy audit reviews/Coast Central Credit Union

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What do they do?

The Coast Central Credit Union is a financial institution working to provide credit at manageable rates, as well as other financial services, promote thrift and community development in Eureka and the surrounding areas.

The Retrofit

In April 2008 the RCEA retrofitted the Coast Central Credit Union's office space lighting and replaced the existing lights with brighter and more energy efficient light fixtures.

How do they like it?

The retrofit was a great success! "The new lights are wonderful, now it is always bright enough in the office." commented Gerry Lewis durring a phone interview.

Can you see the difference?

In the year before RCEA's retrofit the average kilowatt useage by the coast central credit union was about 2800 KWH each month. After new lights were put in the energy use has been steadily dropping and for the August was at 1360 KWH saving $191 from last August.

Energy saved is clearly visible in this graph.
RCEA Table.jpg