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Name Adam Webster
Affiliations Cal Poly Humboldt
Registered 2009
Impact 359
Contributions RCEA energy audit reviews/Coast Central Credit Union

About Adam[edit | edit source]

Hello there! I'm Adam Webster and I am a student at Cal Poly Humboldt.

Classes[edit | edit source]

I am an ERE major and these are my current classes: Engr 115, TFD 106, Math 109, and Comm 100

Things I do[edit | edit source]

I enjoy riding my bike, walking in the forest, playing frisbee, and making music.

Interesting sites[edit | edit source]

My favorite sites on Appropedia are Biofuel and Arcata Marsh
and I also like:
ERE Homepage
RCEA project


Things for rememebering[edit | edit source]

Image:RCEA audit KWH table.jpg

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