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[ LED Lighting Technology]

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Lighting or illumination is the use of light for improving visibility at night. Lighting includes the use of both artificial light sources (ie lamps), as well as natural illumination by capturing daylight (ie using windows, skylights (sometimes makeshift with soda bottles).

Artificial light[edit]

These include fuel-based lighting and electric lighting methods. Fuel-based lighting is often far less energy efficient than combusting (bio)fuel in a gen-set and using the electricity of this gen-set to power a electric device such as a lamp (even incandescents, and definitely using compact fluorescent lights, LED lighting or LEC lighting.W[verification needed]

That said, fuel-based lighting can be much cheaper as a short term solution owing to the set-up costs of an electricity infrastructure (whether grid power or a small scale setup of a solar panel and a battery). Poor people in the majority world hence often stick to fuel-based lighting methods. These create a lot of smoke, the amount depending on the method and fuel used, and the resulting indoor air pollution has serious negative impacts on health - causing eye and respiratory illness in particular.


LED Lighting Technology