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About MeEdit

My name is Canaan Abdulhadi and I am a second semester Freshman majoring in Environmental Resource Engineering at Humboldt State University in Northern California with a strong passion for the environment. I have no engineering experience prior to starting the ERE program at Humboldt State and I have only been in the program for almost 6 months so far but have been learning a lot! I am a very hard worker that likes to complete tasks with accuracy and efficiency. I try to always stay open to the ideas of others and make ethical decisions because that is very important to becoming a successful engineer. I plan on getting into to the topics of waste water and solar energy during my time here at HSU then going international for humanitarian aid in South America and the Middle East. I'm also interested in sound engineering and producing sound systems in the future.

Interests in EngineeringEdit

  • INTEREST #1 Humanitarian Aid
  • INTEREST #2 Solar Energy & Waste Water
  • INTEREST #3 Sound Engineering

Experience in EngineeringEdit

  • EXPERIENCE #1 Humboldt State Environmental Resource Engineering Program
  • EXPERIENCE #2 Engineering Design Course 215
  • EXPERIENCE #3 Environmental Engineering 115 Course


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