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Can be propagated by cuttings, suckers or by layering.[1][2]


Hardwood cuttings can be taken from one-year old wood,[3] from shoots about 1-2 cm in diameter.[4] This is best done in autumn or late autumn.[5][2] Cuttings should be 30cm in length.[2][3] Make the basal cut below a leaf node.[5] plant in multipurpose compost, leaving only top few cm showing.[5] keep in a sheltered spot or in a greenhouse.[5] Keep soil moist during winter, do not let it dry out. They should be ready by spring. Take multiple cuttings as success is not guaranteed.[5]


Established trees sometimes throw up suckers which can be carefully dug up keeping roots intact, ideally in late autumn.[2] There will be aroot attachment to parent plant which will need to be severed. Cuttings can also be taken from suckers.[1]


A low branch can be pegged down to soil. It will root and can then be careuflly dug up and separated from the parent plant.[2]