Custom Built 3D Printable Motor

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You can put an abstract (Detailing how to create your own 3D printed motor) here.

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Understanding the market

A Market Equivalent Motor by DC Micro Motors People looking to purchase motors similar to the ones produce here would be our target audience.

Things lacking from this design that are to be improved upon:

  • There is a lot of expensive composite materials in this design. This can be cut down to improve cost savings.
  • Being able to build your own at home can cut down on downtime and failures
    • Product is designed for future applications to insert printed magnets.
  • The design is parametric for different pole combinations.

The first prototype of the motor had clearance issues, and we are hoping to have this issue resolved through design iterations and slower print speeds. This has not been tested for comparison metrics, but once we get the magnets and ESC we will begin to track data.

Project goals

  1. Create a repeatable and cost effective motor design
  2. Design magnetic slots for future applications
  3. Updating design for coil winding ease
  4. Track data to compare to market motors



  1. Roller Skate Bearings for collar shaft
  2. Magnetic PLA
  3. Shaft for rotational output


Arduino Code

With assistance provided from [Arduino Brushless Motor Controllers]

3-D Printable Parts

Version 1:

  1. File:Rotor test.scad
  2. File:6N Stator Short.scad
  3. File:Rotor PrintedAx.scad
  4. File:8P Rotor Short V2.scad
  5. File:9N Stator Long.scad
  6. File:9N Stator Short.scad
  7. File:12N Stator Short.scad
  8. File:12P Rotor Short.scad
  9. File:Mount Bot V1.scad
  10. File:Mount Top V1.scad

Version 2:

  1. File:StatorNoTooth.scad
  2. File:WindingPole Single.scad
  3. File:Mount PrintedTooth.scad
  4. File:Rotor PrintedTooth.scad
  5. File:BearingRetainer PrintedAx.scad
  6. File:Stator PrintedTooth.scad
  7. File:Mount PrintedAx.scad
  8. File:Stator PrintedAx.scad
  9. File:Rotor PrintedAx.scad


Here are all the files for multiple motor poles and lengths

The next steps

Our teams next steps are to finish gathering materials, running tests and collecting data for comparison. We could fine tune our designs for tighter tolerances to get better efficiency.


Contact details

This Motor was designed by Andy Sledder, John Stough, and Jordan Null. Please reach out via our Appropedia pages for more custom designs. John Stough Jordan Null (talk) Aesleder (talk)