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CCAT MEOW history

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MEOW: Mobile Energy Operations on Wheels

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The Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT) was established in 1978 in response to growing awareness of environmental degradation and the technologies that created many of them. ENGR305 students designed and built the Mobile Renewable Energy Trailer (MRET) in 2003, which was later named the Mobile Energy Operating Wagon (MEOW). The CCAT's MEOW is a mobile renewable energy system designed to power local university and community events by showcasing solar-electric technology for interpretive purposes, in concordance with CCAT's mission statement.


CCAT MEOW proposal CAD.png

The project was conceived by Humboldt State University Appropriate Technology students and the original proposal was submitted in 2003. This document contains useful information on the budget and energy system schematic, as well as a detailed list of materials used.

Additional work has been documented for:

New roof rack and wiring in 2005

System refurbishment and energy analysis in 2010. This page quantified the system's embedded energy and estimated the energy return on investment (EROI)

System components

This system is comprised of a two-axel trailer that has four Astropower AP 120 Panels and 2 Sharp 123W panels. The trailer houses all electrical equipment including eight lead acid batteries giving the MEOW a total of 720Ah of energy storage.



Hardware and Conduit