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Morrito, Nicaragua

The community in Morrito has experienced hardship due to a lack of clean running water, internet and community lending libraries for children and adults. The government of Nicaragua reports that 34% of the population lives in extreme poverty at less than 1$ per day. We want to help them out and one of the best ways we know of is education, so we hope to build them a library and computer center.

Lending libraries enhance education and information transfer. The community lending library will work in conjunction with the local school and act as a place where students and adults and borrow and read books. This will be the first library in the municipality of Morrito which has a population of 6000.

Library Plans

Structure will be 6 by 10 meters (18 by 30 ft) constructed of steel beams, cinder block walls and a tin roof. The structure is estimated to cost $12,000. Construction will be overseen by a local professional contractor and completed by volunteers from San Francisco State University, UNI (Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria), and the local community. Once completed, half of the building will be devoted to shelves with books, and the other half of the building will hold desks and computers.

We will be coordinating with many entities to complete this project. UNI, an engineering university in Managua is very experienced in development projects and is designing the structure so that it can be constructed with local skills and materials and is accepted within Nicaraguan building codes.

We are also hoping that one of several existing library charities we have identified will help us obtain our initial collection of books and guide the development of our library policies. The students of San Francisco State University will coordinate all aspects of the project, recruit volunteers and raise the necessary funds.


A community meeting with the citizens of Morrito will be conducted on September 4th. The structural design, a modification of the typical Nicaraguan school designs, will be completed by the end of September. Funds will be raised throughout October and November. Materials will be purchased and shipped in December. Construction of the structure will take place during the first 3 weeks of January. Finally, books and computers will be shipped to the library in February.

The library will be constructed such that additions could be easily added. After the competition of the first phase of this project, second and third phases consisting of a computer center, and a well for the community will be pursued.


Fund Raising

The most cirtical issue that we will be dealing with in the next few months will be raising money. Perhaps you know of a rich uncle? Perhaps your previous employer has deep pockets? Perhaps you can throw a dinner party for your friends?

So far we have raised $50 of $12,000.


You can also help us with construction of the library.

So far 3 of 12 seats are occupied on the Jan trip.

Books and Computers

If you happen to have a large stack of unwanted Spanish books on hand, or a pile of computers, we would love to talk to you.