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See [[wikipedia:adobe]] for more.
==General Process==
==Thermal Mass==
==Embedded Energy==
*[http://www.networkearth.org/naturalbuilding/natbild.html networkearth] - This site is loaded with the history, politics and techniques of many types of natural building.
*[http://www.kleiwerks.org/ kleiwerks] - Awesome natural-building teaching organization.
*[http://www.cahe.nmsu.edu/pubs/_g/G-521.pdf ABCs of making Adobe Bricks] - Brief and could use some revision, but a good model of concise presentation.
*[http://www.world-housing.net/Tutorials/AdobeTutorial/Adobe_Tutorial.pdf Earthquake resistant construction of Adobe Buildings: A Tutorial] funded by the [http://www.eeri.org/ Earthquake Engineering Research Institute] and hosted by the amazing [http://www.world-housing.net world-housing] database.
*[http://www.pequals.com/at/wetadobe/can_adobe_hold_water.htm Pequals.com Adobe Box] Two girls, two adoberas (adobe forms), one big, adobe box. Renée and Kendra construct an adobe box in an '''attempt''' to hold water as an alternative to the plastic linings for ponds and gray water marshes.

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