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Hey Cindy, it's Cynda. I'm not sure if this is going to show up as it does on my page, but you can click on edit or whatever and see the nitt-picky details on the html codings and such.

Basically, the * means that it's a Bullet. The # means a numbered bullet. Adding ' ' ' (without the spaces) on either side of a title will make your heading title for something like saying Google Scholar and those things on either side, then add the colon (:) and there you have your heading. For listing a website, I put a bracket, then the website URL, a space, then just typing in the article's title without anything else fancy, then a closing bracket.

The wording is probably a little confusing, but trust me, if you go into edit in anyone's page or mine, you'll see what I mean......or just on here if it'll work. My example is show below:

  • Google Scholar:

""microelectromechanical systems" and "high frequency circuits"" page 1 of results

  1. Modeling and Simulation of Microelectromechanical Systems in Multi-Physics Fields 2004 ***

""microelectromechanical systems" and "high frequency circuits"" page 2 of results

  1. Silicon-Based Micromachined Packaging Techniques for High Frequency Applications 1999 ***

""microelectromechanical systems" and "high frequency circuits"" page 4 of results

  1. Electronics Technology at APL 2003

Lit review[edit source]

Hi Cindy

You have started off great on the internet searching - so you can now narrow down your searches in the peer reviewed literature - to do this start in Google Scholar but then also go to the engineering databases listed on the hw sheet. --Joshua 14:34, 1 February 2008 (PST)

Naming convention and merges[edit source]

Hi Cindy

Good beginning on fuel cells - I suggest merging the hydrogen fuel cell page with the existing fuel cell page and then inserting a redirect with the following code #REDIRECT [[Insert text]] . Also in appropedia the naming convention is to only use capitals for the first word in the title of your article unless it is a Name. You can clean up the subpages you are creating by using the move function to rename an article. Lastly as you move forward make sure to properly categorize your page. Great work! --Joshua 14:41, 1 February 2008 (PST)