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Can't email you[edit]

Hi Ryan!

I am interested in knowing more about the Open Sustainability Network. I have been trying to email you but it doesn't work.I would really appreciate if you email me on davidAtsymbol.pngleneforsDot.pngcom. I work in Sweden on Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship.



Hi Ryan - just noticed your jottings of pages here, and thought I'd mention that I'm working (with Curt and others) on making the porting process much more efficient, and am hoping to have a few announcements to make on this during January - easier porting of HTML, Word and PDF docs, and easier ways to find documents that we have permission to port. --Chriswaterguy · talk 05:36, 7 January 2008 (PST)



I am interested by sustainable reconstruction in Haïti.

Here is a list of internet sites (mostly in French but english translations are also provided) that can help.

Guide de construction parasismique - Adobe (pdf)

Guide de construction parasismique - Torchis

Guide de construction parasismique - Rehabilitation

Anti-seismic handbook - Adobe (pdf)

Anti-seismic handbook - Wattle & Daub (pdf)

Anti-seismic handbook - Rehabilitation (pdf)


( 140 pages )


_ _ _

Banque de technologies Nayudamma

Pérou: habitations en adobe à l'épreuve des séismes

La Kassine[edit]

You may be interested by the following video (in French) :

Please feel free to move this link to the correct place on your website ...