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Welcome[edit source]


I just checked out some of your prolific edits at Wikipedia and your awesome feedback on the Review of solar levelized cost.

Thank you for your excellent engagement!

--Lonny 15:09, 30 October 2012 (PDT)

Review of solar levelized cost[edit source]

Thanks for the great feedback!

First the protection was to make sure people read the Assump & Refs page before they started messing around with scenarios - as you know the costs are changing rapidly - and we don't want any one to use the spreadsheet and get wrong answers.

I like all of your ideas about breaking the costs down - makes complete sense. What do you think about either extending that section as you suggest - or have a separate more detailed page were everything is broken down. For a lot of people they just get $/W total costs and can work from there - but the break down and auto $/W calculation is superior. For the replacement inverter cost - we just need to discount to the cash flow to pay for it...

Please make the changes to the sheet - you can send to me -- either we can direct replace or have a novice/experienced user versions.

The costs of systems in Ontario and their rapid decline continue to blow my mind - when I started at Queens 4 years ago locally you could get systems for 10-12/W. Now that I am back in the US - it is sad that we are still installing systems for about 2x Ontario. I checked out AS Solar site -- can you get us those kinds of prices in the UP for kits?

Thanks --Joshua 16:15, 30 October 2012 (PDT)