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Constant Current LED Driver[edit source]

Dear Dr.Farson,

I am trying to prototype an 800 mV driver for LEDs, with a variable input voltage, powered by solar cells. Do you have a recommendation for the best DC/DC converter?

Thank you, RDonaldson

-- Depends on the voltage range. The 4689 IC chip from Monolithic power works over a 3.5V to 100 V input range. --Marie (talk) 10:54, 2:06pm 3/6/2017

Wireless 3D Printing[edit source]

Dr Farson, I would like to control my Jellybox printer remotely the way Makerbot printers can be controlled over a wireless network or bluetooth. Is this possible with Jellybox?

anonymous student

-- Yes! Astroprint has developed some Open Source firmware that can be flashed onto a Raspberry pi, used in conjunction with the Arduino controller the printer to show realtime video of your print as well as control it remotely Marie (talk) 11:16, 11:16pm 2/27/2017

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