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i am diabets for lost 3 months my pp was 220 but it fbs 74 pp 126 what can it do

Hi Krishnamanyam[edit]

The administrators of Appropedia have opened a 'talk' page for you & have redirected your message there & to me.

I did not understand your requirement. How did the PPBS come down from 220 to 126?

FBS 74 & PPBS 126 are normal values within limits. It may go up again, if you do not get it cured.

More details are required to assess the condition. Please get HbA1c tested in a good lab & tell the result.

Shooter (talk) 08:04, 23 February 2014 (PST)



how to reverse my diabetes. two months back my PBS was 220 now i am under medication after that it was normal now can i reverse my diabetes

revers diabets[edit]

please explain how to revers diabets

Marching step by step[edit]

You see Krishnamanyam, I am not a medical person and so do not expect a prescription of medicines which you can buy, swallow & be blissful. You have to make some dietary changes till the illness diabetes is reversed. I have to know the status of your illness, as well, to suggest modifications in diet. That is why I asked you to get the HbA1c tested. You have not reported the result. More over you have to provide a detailed list of present diet & medicines ; what all, when & how-much from one morning to next morning.

If you feel it is difficult or impossible, you may follow the instructions given in my article.

Since I have reversed my diabetes, it is felt that anybody else including you can also do the same.

Shooter (talk) 07:45, 27 February 2014 (PST)