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Hi Juliedanger,

Welcome to Appropedia. Please make yourself at home! If you need help, please check out the Help pages or leave me a message on my talk page.

Check your preferences and be sure you verify your email address and turn on email notification if you'd like it -- you can find out when your talk page, or any page on your watchlist, is modified. Please consider putting some information about yourself on your userpage and uploading a photo as well.

If you have a particular interest or project in mind, go ahead and start it! Feel free to leave me a note on my talk page if you have further questions, need help finding your way around, have a cool idea for a project, or just want to chat. Most importantly remember to be BOLD in your edits to pages. Others will come along and help out.

Glad to have you here, --Munimortal

Thank you[edit source]

You've been really busy with the Hexayurt info. Great to have you here. --Chriswaterguy 10:09, 21 May 2011 (PDT)

Thank you kindly Mr. Waterguy! (I have occasionally been waterwoman, but that's another story.) This project has been a pleasure and a very satisfying creative production. How can I reference you in the large, now larger, hexauniverse? I guess I could skim the list of 'who edited what when where,' and perhaps find you, I just haven't had time to yet. You know what I need? I could possibly use your help. The only thing holding me back from releasing the revised hexayurt data to a bigger audience is that photo on the top of this page. It's got numerous problems for me. I'm without one that I really like and I'm starting to post requests to people on flickr for lack of a better option. I'd like a photo of an 8' hexayurt, preferably with tape anchors and at Burning Man. Thoughts? I like this one so far: http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/prairieburners/5023468513/ Good to meet you! My family is dragging me to the zoo today. I would rather get some work done on this but I'll go recreate I suppose. Thanks for the love, jd

Hi... "waterwoman" and "Danger"... we're getting into superhero territory here ;)
I know Vinay and have been doing what I can to help Appropedia grow since the early days. I've never had the chance to see a hexayurt in real life - not directly involved there. But we connected with Vinay a few years back and he liked the idea of Appropedia taking care of the documentation space for the hexayurt and related projects. I love it all, but I'm more of a wiki geek myself.
That's a good picture. Seems like you're better placed than me to get hexayurt photos - assuming you're in contact with Lucas, Vinay and others. Leave a note on my talk page if you have any questions, or anything I can help with. --Chriswaterguy 11:08, 26 May 2011 (PDT)

Hexayurt project wordle[edit source]

Hi Julie,

Hexayurt project wordle constructed from Appropedia articles with the "Hexayurt" term removed.

Seeing all your great work on the Hexayurt project articles around here, I thought I would make a Hexayurt project wordle to go along with them. I didn't add it anywhere, besides here, so that you could decide whether or not you want to do anything with it. Let me know if you have any questions. Regards, RichardF 06:45, 26 May 2011 (PDT)

I love it! Thank you! I feel like I just got a dozen roses, or a 3 dozen words! I wonder; what does one usually do with a wordle? I am unfamiliar with them. It is very decorative, I'll think about it and I'm open to suggestions!

You're welcome. I typically put them in a lower section of an article, like "See also". I also put them in a related section, like Appropedia:About#Content on Appropedia. In this case, I would put it at your main project page, Category:Hexayurt project, in the white space area right below the "Project Costs" subheading. You could copy the code below to do that.
;Projected Costs
[[File:Hexayurt Project wordle.png|thumb|upright=2.0|[[:Category:Hexayurt project|Hexayurt project]] [http://web.archive.org/web/20190327011834/http://www.wordle.net:80/show/wrdl/3685058/Hexayurt_Project_on_Appropedia wordle] constructed from Appropedia articles with the "Hexayurt" term removed.]]
*Shelter: $200 - $500+ per single family unit depending on size, climate and use duration
*Infrastructure Package: around $100 per unit
That's a start. You always can play around and try it in other places too. I like making them, so let me know if you have any other text you would like to see as a wordle and I'll try it out. --RichardF 22:32, 28 May 2011 (PDT)