This is a public list of the hardware and software solutions I'm finding. Mostly to do with the WikiHouse I'm building in Oxford at the moment but also as a place to store ideas from books and websites.

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Materials[edit source]

Rubber Tyres

Euroshield Recycled car tires moulded into roofing


Technology[edit source]

Surveying[edit source]


Draw a rough rectangle in the ground and use batter boards and string to get perimeter. Use a 3-4-5 triangle to square off the string on each corner batter board. Where the string overlaps (and on any part of the string where a post is to go down) drop a plumb bob. The overlaps will be the siting posts.

Drop bob down to ground and dig a 60cm hole around it. Take away bob and dig down to undisturbed earth making the whole about twice as big as the final pier size. For buildings over 30m each pier should have a bag of concrete mix under each pier (AN ALTERNATIVE TO CONCRETE? RAMMED EARTH?). In cold conditions, dig down to below the frost layer (usually around a metre) or ‘rest on well-drained gravel beds’ (Shelter Publications, 1973).


Method 1: Measure level with a claw hammer and level. Adjust concrete until the claw hammer

Method 2: (No level) Use a water bottle filled with food colouring and a long see-through tube. Place the bottle at the highest post and extend the clear plastic tubing to the next post position. The water level will be the same in the tube as it is in the battle.


Two simple floor framing types:

Joist and Girder

Rules of thumb:

35x140 joists spaced at 40cm centres can span 1.8m.

35x190 at 3.0m

35x300 to 5.0m

WikiHouse[edit source]


The most up to date version is v3.1 which can be found here

Hi Ideafish - I just learnt about the wikihouse recently, and I love it. Welcome. --Chriswaterguy 07:13, 5 June 2013 (PDT)

WikiHouse Oxford[edit source]

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