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Old page - glossary

4Rs to 4Rs

"20-20-20" term to "20-20-20" term

Abundance to Abundance

Acre to Acre

Appropriate living to Appropriate living

Arcologies to Arcologies

Arcology to Arcologies

Base of pyramid to Base of the pyramid

Bottom-up to Bottom-up approach

Busway to Busway

CO2e to CO2e

Coercion to coercion

Commune to Commune

Conflict resolution to Conflict resolution

Do no harm to Do no harm

Effluent to Effluent

Family planning to Family planning

Food coop to food co-op

Food deserts and Food desert to Food desert

Gooseberries to Gooseberries

Hectare to Hectare

hitchhiking to Hitchhiking

If it's yellow let it mellow to If it's yellow let it mellow

Insectiary to Insectiary

Interdependence and Interdependent to Interdependence

Marine reserves to Marine reserves

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