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1. What did you not know at the beginning of the semester that you know now because of your community engagement? Before I do not know how to handle and edit in photoshop. Now I Know.

2. What have you learned and how have you grown through your community engagement? Edting through adobe photoshop and editing video content for doucumentation.

3. How can you use what you’ve learned in this class to help a community organization and their respective advocacies? I can use my learning by spreading my through in media accounts positively.

4. Describe 2 specific concepts or issues that you know now because of your experience in this course. 1) Editing Videos for documentation. 2) learning how to do website.

5. Specifically list two or more skills or attitudes connected to this course that you could now apply to volunteer or paid work with an ICT company focused on sports, health or wellness.

1) being positive in comments and not being rude. REALTALK only. 2) being patient in editing

B. Answer the following questions: 1. How do you feel about how you performed in this class?


2. What would you do differently if you took the class again?

It will continue to be more inspired in learning

3. What suggestions do you have for improving the class?

More hands on activity with the teacher. The use of computers of the school.