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Technology, an innovation created by man through evolution and development of a certain project to a more improved product. In our daily living, this said innovation helps our task easier in compare to the usual, yet without this we cannot also do some specific task. By this, we can clearly sate that technology is very in demand, especially in the present generation. When the technology is innovated we must not forget that this was accumulated with computers. Technology is created by computer that is also molded by humans, which means that computer helps manufacture, develop and runs the technologies. So the question is "What are the people behind the creation of computer? This includes the developing" These people are namely considered as professionals which means that they do specialize in computers. Mentioning the hardware and software components of this device, all of this is scoped in Information Computer Technology (ICT). Developing the computers is the job and task of professionals involving the Information Computer Technology (ICT). That is why they are so important, there were tracks and courses that is lined up. So much for that. ICT is not only a subject or a curricular matter that should be passed, understanding and learning the principles about this is a prerequisite.