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Hello, my name is Austin O'Connor, a 20 year old junior in Materials Science and Engineering at Michigan Technological University. My main interest in the field is composites, and it would be awesome to invent a modern material that can improve some aspect of life. I am also a part of the Boardsport Technologies Enterprise on campus, where we design and modify different kinds and styles of boards, including skis, snowboards, skateboards, longboards, wakeboards, etc. I was originally born in Nebraska, but grew up in Cedar Springs, MI with my parents and my little sister Alyssa. Our household is home to three pets; a pup named Spencer, and two cats by the name of Cookie and Zinger.


  • Freestyle skiing (Atomic Punx, skiing since age 10)
  • Longboarding sparingly(Bustin Maestro)
  • Video games (especially Brawl)
  • Hiking
  • Playing cards (EUCHRE!!!)
  • Broomball (redneck hockey with brooms!)
  • Frisbockey (Michigan Tech's version of ultimate frisbee)

A picture of my sister Alyssa hugging Spencer, my dog.