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I am interested in translating OSAT content to and from Portuguese sources. I also have a passion for archival work and rescuing of sources at risk, probably because of my fear of climate disaster, so in my spare time i collaborate with, the Flashpoint game archival project, and some other initiatives.

My Portuguese Wikipedia page:ário:YuriNikolai

My English Wikipedia page:

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Below, i will add useful information i come across that i find relevant to appropriate technology projects, but that i haven't managed to incorporate into Appropedia articles yet.

  • If, like me, you have many projects using reclaimed wood, here is a link to a website (noncommercial and ad-free, as of my last visit) with useful tips on how to remove broken (headless) nails from pallets, allowing you to better use reclaimed wood without fear of injury.
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