I have a todo list. It's public, and editable, so if you want to help with any of this, you can. You can also put stuff on it, responsibly.

To do[edit | edit source]

MAJOR PROJECTS[edit | edit source]

I am now officially Pretty Busy for the next two to three months. Lot of travel, couple of high-ish profile events, stuff like that. The big projects are:

  • EdgeRyders Belarus
  • Big Picture Days
    • publish the cards from Swarm Coops - Leo
  • Finishing Mother of Hydrogen
    • put the epub of Mother of Hydrogen up
  • Linked for hexayurt

OTHER TASKS[edit | edit source]

  • Support letter for Nepalese hexayurts
  • Proposal for Makerscafe talk series during London Design Week
  • Write talk for EMFCAMP 2014
  • Take a look at WikipediaPlus

OPEN THREADS[edit | edit source]




Futures Gig

TO READ[edit | edit source]

Done[edit | edit source]

Calendar[edit | edit source]

current schedule[edit | edit source]

* Nothing beyond 2014??? Strictly impossible. * What about the Blockchain course that got canceled in Aug 2018, anything like that elsewhere? * Anybody willing to update VG's upcoming schedule here?

  • 2014Dec11 London, afternoon tea w/@skirrid 1430ish near Euston
  • 2014Nov28 Thanksgiving, Deptford Sin Palace
  • 2014Nov17 ERIS launch, 7PM
  • 2014Nov15-21?? Minsk, Belarus
  • 2014Nov14 Cybernetic Serendipity, ICA, noon?
  • 2014Nov13 Aston University, Birmingham
  • 2014Nov10 (Monday)
    • 3:15PM Euston (Graham)

history[edit | edit source]

  • 2014Oct29 Silent Party (Rebecca)
  • 2014Oct21-28 Unmonastery, Matera, Italy
  • 2014Sep18 11:30AM at NESTA
  • 2014Sep16 1PM london meeting.

  • 2014July10 1PM OxCirc R.
  • 2014July9 Ethos 4PM http://web.archive.org/web/20150120081738/http://ethosvo.org:80/get-involved/ethos-connect-event/
  • 2014July8 Lunch 12:30PM Bishopsgate
  • 2014July7 Lunch w. V.
  • 2015July5 Dragon IMAX
  • 2014July4
  • 2014July3 SKYPE w. hexayurt guys, 9AM EST
  • 2014July2 Dinner with Christopher in London
  • 2014July1 Smari / Mala
  • 2014Apr26 Maker Faire Newcastle http://web.archive.org/web/20150913073645/http://www.life.org.uk/whats-on/maker-faire-uk-2014
  • 2014Apr19 Jeff Mills
  • 2014Apr15 @cbrewster in town
  • 2014Apr14 Lunch at Google / Arthur & Ian at ISRS??? (is that on?)
  • 2014Apr9 Elephant and Castle dinner
  • 2014Apr7 #LondonIndies The Crown, Islington meet Ian 7:30pm
  • 2014Apr3 currencies meeting
  • 2014Apr2 Ethos The Mad Hatter, 3-7 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9NY
    • 2014Apr2 BTC media - bethnal green, 1PM
  • 2014Mar31 Skype 5PM
    • 2014Mar31 Lewis Dartnell 6:30PM
    • 2014Mar31 Skype 8PM
  • 2014Mar25 MOAD
  • 2014Mar24 ISRS 2PM
  • 2014Mar21 ISRS 2PM
  • 2014Mar18 ISRS 2PM
  • 2014Mar17 ISRS 10AM
  • 2014Feb24 out of town on decomissioning tour.
  • 2014Feb20 Burning Pub http://web.archive.org/web/20150919091416/http://www.euroburners.org/wiki/BurningPub
  • 2014Feb13 meeting (dinner)
  • 2014Feb12 2:30 @furtherfield
  • 2014Feb10 Old Street, 1PM
  • 2014Feb5 Ethos: The White Horse on Carnaby Street London, W1F 7RY.
  • 2014Jan20 Critical Exploits: Interrogating Infrastructure
  • 2014Jan16 dinner w. J.A.S.
  • floating - BM ideas export meeting
  • 2013Dec18 Wednesday lunch w. thomas & thoughtmenu
  • 2013Dec17 Tuesday ISRS xmas party
  • 2013Dec16 Monday 5PM Old Street London Real TV
  • 2013Dec12 Thursday 3PM HT nr Marlybone
  • 2013Dec11 Wednesday 12:30 lunch
    • 2013Dec11 Wednesday 7PM dinner
  • 2013Dec10 Warlord Entreprenurs call 7PM
  • 2013Sep28 NESTA futures gig
  • 2013Aug23 Green Foundation Ireland summer school (Point Festival) (Wexford - Caremsore, nr Rosslair port)
  • 2013Aug15 - 2013Aug19 Dark Mountain Festival
  • 2013Aug16 - New Forest w. Leo & co.
  • 2013Jun28 @dajbelshaw 4:30PM skype
  • 2013Jun27 @dajbelshaw 8:00PM skype
  • 2013Jun24 Meet @ntoll for drogulus chat sometime week starting 24th. Details TBC.
  • 2013Jun17 - 2013Jun18 Climate Gathering Dublin
  • 2013Jun14 - 2013Jun16 @Alberto_Cottica in Ireland
  • 2013Jun13 3PM @alexevansuk at Barbican

  • 2013May21 Hub Westminster, @fortyfoxes talk
    • Goldsmith's cryptoparty
  • 2013May20 Rob Pye, Victoria, 5PM
  • 2013May18 Opentech in London
  • 2013May14 3PM ISRS
  • 2013May9 ISRS morning meetin
  • 2013May8 Lunch w. AE, meet @gordon_white in the evening.
  • 2013May7 Andrew Clarke gig
  • 2013May5 Speaking at Electromagnetic Wave
  • 2013Apr29 - Alberto Cottica in the late afternoon, then show in the evening.
  • 2013Mar23 - 2013Mar24 Euroburners / Nowhere burning man hexayurt workshops in London
  • 2013Mar15 11AM Hubwestminster with @quentinjohns1
  • 2013 March 6-9 Marie will be in Paris for IEA WEA special report workshop on redrawing the energy-climate map -- meet me there?
  • 2013Feb20 Talk for @benvickers_
  • 2013Feb14 - 2013Feb17 Ireland GP Event

  • 2013Feb21
    • thejaymos talk 'viewer discretion cannot be advised' at Lima Lulu PK night
  • 2013Feb6 @alberto_cottica in London?
  • 2013Jan19 Lunch & Go w/ James L, Brixton?
  • 2013Jan18 ISRS 12:30
  • 2013Jan17
    • Lunch with BenVic
  • 2013Jan16
    • Lunch with Charmer
    • Pint in Marlybone
  • 2013Jan15
    • dinner w. thejaymo?
    • lunch with PhilCon
  • 2013Jan11 3:30PM @semicharmedman hub WM.

  • 2012Dec30 - 2013Jan9 SPAIN!!! SPAIN!!! SPAIN!!!
  • 2012Dec6 to 2012Dec9 EdgeRyders 2 in Brussels
  • 2012Nov16 talk at Green Foundation Ireland event (re @eamonryan)
  • 2012Nov14/15 leave for Ireland
  • 2012Nov9-2012Nov10 Mozilla Festival in London #mozfest @bevangelist
  • 2012Nov8 - Noon with HT at Marlybone
  • 2012Nov7 Ethos First Wednesday 6PM
  • 2012Nov3 Global Sustainability Jam at Hub Westminster that weekend
  • 2012Nov2 leaving for UK from Cloughjordan

  • 2012Oct17 Seeing Jesus (and Tim Minchin!)
  • 2012Oct16 James Lewis, @marksimpkins

  • 2012Aug20 to 2012Sep3 Visit to Greece with @cbrewster
    • Map: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=218171180539423251566.0004c686608c351cf29ef
    • Google doc with additional planning data: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d11FyIszYaYIkME0yWK3cpqkQIBkZDIqh1njypGy498/edit?pli=1
    • The idea is to take a fairly substantial wander around in Greece, possibly spending four or five days in Athens, and then actually taking some vacation in the country with Chris. Are there people I should meet in Greece? What is worth seeing when I'm out there? I hear lots of interesting things happening in Greece at the moment in terms of local currency, food cooperatives and the like. Please put notes on anything you think is worth me seeing/doing and people to meet below. Thank you, V>
    • We will mostly be in Attika and the Peloponnese. Possible centres of civilisation include Corinth, Argos/Nafplio, Tripoli, Sparta, Kalamata, Pirgos, Patras. Anything interesting we should be visiting from a collapsonomics perspective? @cbrewster
    • @SpirosPengas
    • The Corinth Canal and Diolkos ought to be pilgrimage sites for any self-respecting engineer.
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