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Dorset Hexayurt Build[edit | edit source]

follow us at therrsc.blogspot.co.uk

prep 14.11.12
build 15-16.11.12 (hoping to finish on day 1 and sleep all inside...
celebrate 17.11 (my 40th birthday)

address (difficult as it doesent have one.. ) lat & long: 50.--33719 -*.&11091 ( ex13.) land 600m w of village but dont tell anyone cos its a stealth doomstead !!!

Transportation[edit | edit source]

Carpooling from London?

Train: nearest train station Axminster, direct from london. i can pick people up please liaise and come together to avoid extra trips & carbon. I have an 8 seater van, but would like to limit the number of trips.

Nick plans to arrive by van 12.12 to commence

Contact information for attendees[edit | edit source]

nick read: @eco_expert, wnread@hotmail.com 07852515399

Tools & Materials[edit | edit source]

material: 11m osb (chipboard) x 24 sheets design- 2 interlocking h12 hexayurts in an 8 shape.

Nick pre cut the roof. 1. 12
8.12 update doors n windows cut

TOOLS: Bring camping kit & outdoor clothes IT WILL BE COLD Nearby B&B's available (nearest town combpyne, musbury, axminster, colyton. we need electric screwdrivers (please indicate by name if bringing) nb no mains power