Married with 3 children, but only 1 child (2 are out of school), 3 adult step children as well Live in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada


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Day job:

High School Teacher of English, Math and Science


BSc, MSc Environmental Toxicology, U of Waterloo, 1988/91

BEd, Lakehead University 1993

Experience in Appropriate Technology:

Experience in groundwater bioreclamation, composting, recycling industrial waste solvents. Current projects are developing an efficient outdoor wood furnace based on the midge camping wood stove, energy self sufficiency and building a timber framed straw bale home.


There are no rights without responsibilities.

Favorite books, in no particular order (I'll add these to the book reviews over time):

On my list:

To Do List:

Gasification Project. (in progress)

Home Energy Project (Stirling Engine).

Straw Bale/Timber Frame Home Project.

How to Learn Curriculum.

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