Hi! My name is Troy and I am a 1st year Engineering Student at Western University. I am an avid enthusiast of 3D Printing, having been introduced it over 9 years ago and purchasing my first printer in 2016. Since then, my passion for this rapidly growing technology and industry has pushed me to learn, develop and apply several adjoining skills, with CAD design at the forefront. I have utilized these skills in order to create numerous passion projects, as can be seen on my Thingiverse page. I have further made use of my skills to contribute as a director for 3DW, in coordinating general meetings for introducing, instiling and developing interest, passion and skills in 3D Printing, alongside contributing to Project Anvil. Further, I have continued to apply my skills in love for 3D Printing as a Team Leader for the Western Aero Design Club and in my position as a 3D Specialist / Supervisor at 3D Creations Canada.
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Name Troy Leishman
Affiliations University of Western Ontario, 3DW, Western Aero Design
Nationality Canadian
Languages English, French
Skills 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Rapid Prototyping, CAD Design, Fusion 360, Onshape, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Office 365
Interests 3D Printing, Innovation, Sustainability
Links troyleishman.ca
Registered 2024
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Academic Background[edit | edit source]

Troy Leishman is a current 1st Year Engineering Student at the University of Western Ontario, currently chasing Mechatronics Engineering for his second year, and a dual degree with Ivey HBA in 3rd year. Having graduated amongst the top of his class from École Secondaire Monseigneur Bruyère, a full french secondary school in London Ontario, demonstrates a high fluency and bilinguialisme in french.

Research Interests[edit | edit source]

  • Passion for supporting the Open Source community, for improved rate of innovation, monetary and functionality optimization of products.
  • Interested in employing the advantages of 3D Printing to provide support to communities in need, while utilizing the advantages of open-source to allow opportunity for meaningful change around the world. Special interest on developing and providing cheaper equivalent 3D Printed medical supplies and equipment for underdeveloped regions.
  • Desire to research and develop new 3D printing compatible materials, with a focus on biocompatible and self-healing materials, as well as organ 3D printing.
  • Driven to be apart of building a future in 3D Printed homes, through innovation of technology.

Projects[edit | edit source]

Project Anvil[edit | edit source]

Worked since september 2023, as a collaborator on a student-built inverted delta metal induction 3D Printer, based on the Open Source work from Dr. Joshua Pearce. Recent contributions, have included providing insight for developping physical and software movement limitations, printer frame and stabilization methods, filament feeding system, etc. The printer is still currently in its development and ideation phase, although mostly complete, although 3DW hopes to begin manufacturing efforts in 2024.

Current CAD of Project Anvil

Supporting Frontline Workers Via 3D Printing[edit | edit source]

Throughout the pandemic, as an individual, hundreds of 3D Printed Face Shields where printed and distributed to local healthcare charities and frontline workers. These efforts where completed using a custom built Prusa MK3S, while also taking advantages of optimizations in workflow, through methods of stacking parts, reducing downtime while busy at school, or other events. This followed with further optimizations, of customizing the Printer's Start and End Gcode, firmware, as well as printing a new base for the printer allowing for a fully custom automated 3D Printing system. These efforts resulted in recognition by Peter Fragiskatos in the House of Commons, throught the North London Honour Role.

House of Common's Recognition
Donation of PPE to Mark Gowing, executive director for the Forward House of London.
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