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My dog, Hiro.

About Me[edit]

Trinity Milian
I am a student currently attending HSU. I am an Environmental Resources Engineering major. I love video games and learning about technology.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • I love CAD, especially for 3D models.
  • I like learning about energy and the conservation of it.
  • I think using methods of engineering to sustain the environment is really cool!

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Introduction to Engineering class - High School Freshman year
  • Principles of Engineering class - High School Senior year
  • Robotics class and club - High School Senior year



Picture of a previous robot from robotics that I CAD-ed for practice in 2017

Elton John.JPG

Picture of a model I did for the robotics team in 2018

Marble Sorter.JPG

Picture of a marble sorter I CAD-ed for an Engineering project in high school

Rube Goldberg Prototype.JPG

Picture of a rough CAD prototype of the Rube Goldberg project for ENGR 215