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My Engr 215 web page

About Me[edit]

Tatiana Garcia
Sophomore at Humboldt State University
Majoring in Environmental Resource Engineering
From Southern California

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • I'm not yet sure what I want to focus on. Maybe water or wind technologies,
but I need to experience more before I can say definitively.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

Fall 2014: Engineering 210

  • During Fall 2014 I was in a group of three for a statics project. We built a cardboard bike that was able to withstand all 110 lb.s of my weight sitting directly on top of it. In addition, a colleague and myself managed to build a prototype using only toothpicks and super glue.

Spring 2015: Engineering 215

  • Spring 2015 I grouped up with three more ERE students in order to build our very own Rube Goldberg machine. It took us about a week and 150+ man hours.YouTube Link to RG