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Name Tyler Schroyer
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I am an Environmental Science senior at Cal Poly Humboldt with an emphasis in Energy and Climate and two minors Ecological Restoration and Geospatial Analysis. When I am not performing academic related tasks, I love to play tennis, the drums, drawing and socialized with friends.

Interests in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

People need to reduce their energy output because not only it is affecting the planet in a negative way, the human population is growing and our planet is only a finite size, therefore if we all want to live, people need to reduce their energy consumption.

Working with solar related energy is one of the best way to reduce our the total amount of energy one uses because the energy is coming somewhere else in our solar system and not from earth and thus we will make a little impact on earth if people harness the power of the sun.

Or any other natural process that occur on this planet are great energy sources as well such as, wind, biomass, water, atomic energy. Some energy sources are better then others and all of them have pros and cons but if people start converting over these energy sources, it will make our planet much cleaner.

Experience in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

I do alot of composting because by recycling food energy is not being taken away from the system compared to throwing it in the garbage energy is being taken out of the system and thus less physical energy for people to use.

I have some experiences with rain water catchment techniques and since fresh water is a finite resource it needs to be preserved in any way possible and catching water from thin air is a great way at reducing your water consumption rate.

I have experiences with planting many native plants and removing invasive plants from certain areas. However something is going to grow in open soil so energy is not really being conserved here, it helps reduce the impact that humans have had on our environment by manipulating with nature by transplanting plants where they do not grow naturally.

CCAT solar kiosk

Nuclear energy

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