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Happy bikes will save the world!

About Me[edit]

Steven Hopper
I am an Environmental Resources Engineering student at Humboldt State University. I love being outside and I dream of a world in which the Earth's natural bounty is not threatened. In that world, I would ride my bike all day long.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Creating things that benefit everyone in a healthy way.
  • Participating in activities that not only help me grow but nurture the imaginations of those around me.
  • Remaining optimistic that small acts of selflessness by individuals and communities can save the world.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Beginning coursework in progress at HSU.
  • Experience as a bike shop mechanic: dream and imagination want to see mechanical aptitude applied to something greater.
  • Experience building a three-stage, rotating backyard compost system using donated and salvaged materials.


Examples of work I've completed during my time in the HSU engineering program: