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Rev Fest '08 - Ashland, Oregon

Humboldt State University


Hello my name is Sean Lowry and I'm student at Humboldt State University located in beautiful Arcata, California. Currently I am studying Environmental Science, Industrial Technology and Appropriate Technology. Rock climbing, eating organic goods, and collecting acorns for the winter are a few of my favorite past times.

Examples of Work[edit]

The following covers examples of various documents that I or our group Teamx86 has completed: An example of a memo here.
A spreadsheet here.
A Gantt Chart here.
An example of a CAD image here.
Our collective document on the Coopatron 5000 here.
and lastly my current resume aimed at getting the maintenance job at CCAT for Fall of '09 - here.

My Favorites![edit]

And these are a few of my favorite things....

Digg -
Humboldt Craigslist -
Fifty People One Question -