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Prototyping Frying low density polythene to upcycle it and make it into a different shape using molds.
Name: Srishti Malik
Degree: B.Sc Home Science , M.Sc Development Communication and Extension

Interest in Social Entrepreneurship and/or Environment Issues[edit]

  • Social Entrepreneurship interests me because it can be applied in different ways and in a variety of organizations with distinct goals or aims. A single person can be an entrepreneur without a lot of work force or resources
  • Everyone believes in some or the other supreme power that guides us in our lives but I believe that My Environment is my supreme power , whenever i am sitting on a river bank i feel it , i feel good in a forest, a field or just by looking at a plant pot in my house or an animal that just want some love everything around me makes me feel alive and reminds me of my responsibilities towards my nature and the environment .

Experience in Social Entrepreneurship and/or Environment Issues[edit]

  • Currently working with my first Social Entrepreneurship and Environmental project in India called as 'Rural Youth Volunteers'.
  • I have been working on environment sustainability since middle school, I try to do my bit everyday to work on environmental issues and also took up a few community engagement projects on environmental issues.