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Prospective Advisory Boards
The Advisory Boards Relevant Expertise
Agriculture Permaculture Holistic Management Aquaculture Veterinary Medicine Mycology
Architecture & Construction C. Alexander Architects Natural Builders Real Estate Development
Business OBM Finance Banking Internet Marketing Sociocracy
Community ABA & OBM Sociocracy Anarchism Cultural Materialism Venus Project Intentional Communities
Education ABA Cybernetics University Development Software Development
Health & Medicine Medical Practice Environmental Health Psychology REBT Medical Ethics
Law Business Tax Trust Immigration Environmental International Development
Science Cybernetics Behavior Analysis Ethics Cultural Materialism Agricultural
Sociocracy Sociocratic Management Cybernetics OBM REBT
Start-up Non-Profit Management OBM Intentional Communities Cultural Materialism Social Media Marketing University Development
Technology Internet, Website & Communications Energy Environmental Engineering Mechanical Engineering Appropriate Technology