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Hello Everyone![edit | edit source]

A picture of me, Sean McFarland!
A picture of me, Sean McFarland!
As you may have already gathered, my name is Sean McFarland, and I am currently a junior pursuing a B.S. in molecular biology (with minors in nanotechnology, chemistry, honors, and possibly creative writing) at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Over the course of this (Spring '08) semester, I will be seeking to detail a device or idea involving nanotechnology that will help further the goals of Appropedia in improving the human condition. As my major and future career inclinations would dictate, I am primarily interested in a project that would include material of a biological persuasion. After I do some reading and reviews of the literature currently out there, I'll be sure to continue to update this page as I flesh out exactly what I'd like to do.

Areas of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • Somatic gene therapy
  • Transgenic food crops
  • Computer / web programming

Current Project Ideas[edit | edit source]

  • Solar-powered UV lamp for water sterilization.
  • Use of silicon nanowires in batteries to improve energy density.
  • Use of nanodevices in DNA delivery, improving upon methods in somatic gene therapy and crop engineering.

Project Decision[edit | edit source]

After much thought, I have decided to go with the third project idea/area, "Use of nanodevices in DNA delivery, improving upon methods in somatic gene therapy and crop engineering," however, the focus may change depending upon the content further research turns up. Regardless, it is assured that it will be something to do with the field of nanomedicine. Below, find a list of sources that I am beginning to compile.

The other morning (1/23/08) I read an article detailing the potential for using highly charged water ions propelled via electrospray to facilitate the entry of genes into a variety of cell types. The key term here was cheap (given that I am working off of an undergraduate budget), so I will look into this further and see if anything can be made of it. Quite exciting, considering it may provide me with a topic to cover this Appropedia project, a new avenue for undergraduate research, and material for my senior project!

Now that I have begun to consume the literature involving electrospray technology, I am cautiously optimistic that it could prove to be a very applicable and versatile technology to implement cheaply in a variety of settings. As such, I will be moving much of my future research in this area to the Electrospray project page, where I will continue to document what I find.

Search Log[edit | edit source]

Note: Resources followed by "***" are full-text. Those lacking this availability may be candidates for interlibrary loan. Those requested by interlibrary loan are marked LOAN(Date Requested).

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    Colloid thruster
    Taylor cone
    Desorption electrospray ionization

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    1. Pubmed's "related articles"

If you happen to stumble upon this page and would like some food for thought, I'd suggest looking up the MFoundation, whose SENS plan stands to benefit all human beings the world over.

--Sean McFarland 16:03, 30 January 2008 (PST)

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