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Just Another Day In Paradise

About Me[edit]

  • Spencer Lee Davis
  • I was born in Rocklin, California
  • I attended and graduated from Rocklin High School
  • I am currently a freshman at Humboldt State University, studying Environmental Resource Engineering.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Alternative Energy Development
  • Sustainability and Appropriate Technology

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Summer Experience Installing Solar Panels for Barnum & Celillo Electrics in Sacramento.
  • Engineering 115 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • Engineering 210 Statics
  • Engineering Engr215 Introduction to Design syllabus
  • Engineering 280 Green Building


During Engineering 215 my group and I, Team Empire Today, designed and built a carpet sample dry mop for SCRAP Humboldt.

  • Here is the document we created for this project. Final Document
  • Here is the project plan timeline. Gantt Chart
  • Here is a sample of the CAD drawings incorporated into the document. CAD Joint Drawing
  • Here is a sample memo that was turned in as a cover letter for Section IV. Section IV Memo
  • Here is a sample of an excel spread sheet. Delphi Chart