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Name: Jonathan Roldan

I was raised in Guatemala until the age of 13, later, I moved to Los Angeles (LA). There I attended Los Angeles Senior High (LAHS) and ran cross country with the school.

During my senior year I join a club called MESA (Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement) where me and many more students worked on projects based on physics and math to compete against other schools. Some of the projects included: bridges, mouse trap cars, windmills, catapults, and many more. This club was the reason why today I am interested in Engineering.

Coming from LA I was raised naive for any Eco-friendly products, actually I had no idea such things existed. When I chose HSU I was only thinking about the size of the school and its surroundings. Here I came to learn about Environmental Engineering and how our world is so clueless about all the actions they doing that are destroying the our home, the earth. Since then I've been learning on ways how to advocate for a more greener life and help our mother earth survive.

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

I have very few experiences on engineering. The few experiences I had has brought me to work hard and become an engineer myself.

  1. My dad himself is an engineer, a mechanical engineer. I have worked with him for many years fixing cars. I loved seen and learning how everything on the car worked and how each part depend upon another.
  2. A club I was involved during my Senior year in high school called, MESA, helped me decide I wanted to be part of the designing and engineering field.

Degree[edit | edit source]

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  1. Designing
  2. Solar Power
  3. Air Pollution

Portfolio[edit | edit source]

  1. This is an example of a memo: Potawot Field Trip
  2. Example of a excel sheet completed: CO2 Concentration
  3. Project Document from our team Biopod in Engr215 Introduction to Design: Project Document
  4. This is the Gantt Chart that was completed with the Help of Josh O'Rourke: Gantt's Chart
  5. AutoCAD completed: In-class ACad
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