Hello! I'm Rose.

I'm a full time Environmental Studies Major at Humboldt State University. My emphasis is Appropriate Technology and I am currently taking my first class in my emphasis.

I like to do art when I can, watercolor is in my top two favorite mediums right now. I like to do lots of different paintings, however one of my main hobbies in painting is to do paintings of things like "froggo with brim" and give them to my little brother as birthday gifts (he is the one who edits the pictures of animals with hats).

I love nature! I like climbing trees, and catching snakes, toads and other cool creatures.

I hate poison oak.

This piece is called "Froggo with brim", (it's a picture of a toad to be more accurate) and was found on a hiking trail in Angwin CA in 2017. It was edited via Snapchat filter.

Interests in Technology and the Environment[edit | edit source]

I am interested in:

  • Lots of things... I'm tying to find specific things to focus on at the moment.
  • Stopping global warming (seems pretty important)
  • Preserving ecosystems
  • Indigenous Ideology & Practices
  • Renewable energy
  • Anything food-related (I love cooking and eating delicious foods)

Experience in Technology and/or the Environment[edit | edit source]

I am experienced in:

  • Growing up experiencing and getting involved in nature.
  • Gardening and loving plants and animals.
  • Going to community colleges and finally university-- taking cool classes that often relate to the environment.
  • I'm still new to many experiences and hoping for more.

Discussion[View | Edit]

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