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Delta 3D Printer[edit | edit source]

The Model built is a Delta type 3D printer designed for 1.75mm PLA(Polylactic Acid) filament.

Fig1: Delta type3D Printer

Model Parts[edit | edit source]

The model is also called a Rep-Rap model, the name suggests Rapid Prototyping model which means most of the parts of the model can be printed by the 3D Printer itself. As seen from the picture of the model the printer bed is circular with triangular base structure and also on top.

  • The Delta Model is operated using Nema 17 Stepper motors with three at its base and one to extrude the filament. The 3 vertices of the triangular base of the model has the motors over whose shaft the belts are wrapped around which connects the the print head of the Printer through six tie rods as shown in the Fig1. The motion of the print head while printing is controlled by the motors and the three vertices of the top triangular frame has switches which turns off the operation of the motors once the print head reaches a certain position ascertaining the vertical length/ Z axis upto which the print head can move.
  • The print bed is not heated but can certainly be one of the aspects to work on
  • The calibration is performed for the Z axis and also the leveling is done on which auto leveling is another aspect that can be worked on.

Software Used[edit | edit source]

The software used is the Cura for slicing and Repetier Host for actually printing the design developed on Software packages like Open Source cad.

Brief Professional Bio[edit | edit source]

I am a Graduate student in the EE department.

Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Rockwall Project: Designed a rockwall climbing hold using Open Source CAD software.
  • Celtic designed Drawer handle: in this project designed a drawer handle using OSCAD software.
  • OSAT PROJECT-Black Mamba bicycle Brake Callipers: in this project designed A Black Mamba bicycle brake calliper using the exact dimension of the commercial brake calliper.
  • Big Money project: Designed a Wine Glass Holder using OSCAD.

Graduate project: Designed a Snap fit melzi board casing on the delta model 3D printer.

gallery[edit | edit source]

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