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Name Josh Stiebel
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Joshua Stiebel[edit | edit source]


I'm a computer engineering student at Michigan Tech. I love the outdoors, mountain biking, and snowboarding. I also have an interest in linux, cybersecuriy, and programming.

Interests[edit | edit source]

  • Warhammer 40k
  • Magic the gathering
  • Linux
  • 3D printing
  • Guitar

Experience[edit | edit source]

  • Linux
  • Verilog/FPGA's
  • C
  • Python
  • Fusion 360

Enterprise[edit | edit source]

SPRING 2021 This semester I am working on the industrial recycle bot v2. I rewired and coded the robot, and got all of the components working, but am still facing some challenges getting it to extrude filament correctly.

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