Fig 1: Venice, Italy
Fig 2: Edinboro University
Fig 3: Dirtbike

Hey there!

I'm a freshman at Edinboro University. I have a dual major in Criminal Justice and German,
with a minor in Spanish. I'm not exactly sure what i want to do when i get out of school.
I would love to work for the government, having a job that allows for travel, every and anywhere.

I was an exchange student in Germany for the first semester of my senior year.
I lived with a family there for 7 months. During my stay there, i was able to travel
quite a bit. My host family took me on vacation in Sweden, Denmark, France, Switzerland, and Italy.

I have danced and twirled for 12 years, both at school and at studios outside of school.
I was also on a competitive hip-hop team where I help captain postion.
I like outdoor activies like snowboarding, canoing, dirtbikes, things like this.

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