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This is me in Monterey Bay, CA.

About Me[edit]

My name is Rebeca Griner.
I am an Environmental Science student with a focus in Environmental Policy at Humboldt State University. I also am pursuing a minor in Zoology. With my Bachelors Degree, I want to focus on renewable energy and it's interactions with animal habitat policies. I want to examine the way that renewable energy, such as wind, and impact animals and their habitat. An example is bats getting killed by wind turbines because their echolocation doesn't pick up the moving blades. I want to create policies that can benefit both groups-renewable energy companies and animal advocates.

Interests in Technology and the Environment[edit]

  • I want to see how different types of renewable energy and animals interact.
  • I would like to learn more about wind energy and how we can make it less detrimental to bat and bird populations.
  • I am interested in seeing about policies that can be written to make renewable energy mandatory for certain industries.

Experience in Technology and/or the Environment[edit]

  • I actually have little experience with technology, as it does not like me. I am technologically challenged.
  • I volunteer for bat research where we are tracking the migration of Hoary bats and their use of torpor during the winter season.
  • I have been an environmental science student for three years now and I know a lot about the different types of renewable energy sources, how they work, their effects on the environment, and much more.