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Pratik Dalvi
Pratik Devendra Dalvi Profile Pictture.jpeg
Full Name: Pratik Devendra Dalvi
Position: Grader, Advance Quality Engineering (MEEM 5650)
Background: Mechanical Engineer
Current School: Michigan Technological University
Interests: Mechanical Designing, Manufacturing, Rapid-Prototyping, 3D Printing, Open Source Technology, Metal 3D Printing, Quality Engineering, Data Analysis, Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, Industry 4.0.
Skills: 3D CAD Modeling (SolidWorks, Inventor, Creo 4.0), 2D Drafting (AutoCAD), Machining (CNC, Lathe, Mill), Computer Aided Machining CAM (Creo 4.0), Welding (Arc Welding, TIG Welding, Spot Welding), 3D Printing (FDM), Data Analysis (Minitab, SAS), Problem Solving, Lean Six-Sigma, 5S, Kaizen.
Email: [pdalvi@mtu.edu]
LinkedIn: Pratik Dalvi

Research Interests[edit]

  • Metal 3D Printing
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Open Source Hardware
  • 3D CAD Modeling and FEA Simulation
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Advanced Quality Engineering
  • Industry 4.0


Hello! I am Pratik Dalvi Graduate Student in Mechanical Engineering Engineering Mechanics (MEEM) department at Michigan Technological University. I am a Grader for Advance Quality Engineering Course (MEEM 5650) and also the Marketing Chair for Leaders in Continuous Improvement. I have research interest in Metal 3D Printing and Open Source Hardware.

Brief Biography[edit]

I am form Mumbai, India. I now live in Houghton Michigan where I am studying Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Technological University. I did my Undergrad from University of Mumbai, Where I was the head of Chassis Department which designed and Fabricated Chassis for SAE Baja competition. I also worked as a Manufacturing Intern during my undergrad studies at Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co, where I worked on various Kaizen Projects for Process Improvements. I also have an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering form Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education., where I had the most practical experience in Manufacturing and Design. Before pursing my Masters Degree at MTU I worked as a Lecturer in Agnel Polytechnic., where I taught subjects like Solid Modeling, Computer Aided Designing, 3D Printing and Mechanical Workshop Practices.


Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. (Expected April 2021)

Specialization in Manufacturing and Design.

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering From University of Mumbai. (2018)

Project: Minimization of Vibration in last stage free standing blades of Low pressure Turbine.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education. (2015)

Project: Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic Power Incense Sticks making machine.

Past Projects[edit]

Graduate Work[edit]

Design and Fabrication of Bench Vice for D.I.Y Enthusiast using Additive Manufacturing (FDM)

3D CAD modeling of Bench Vice using SolidWorks and then converting it to STL file for manipulating for 3D printing. Design of support structure and selecting build material and different support material. Optimized the Process parameters in order to reduce the build time by 50%.

Improvement of Car Manufacturing Process Using Lean Tools

This Project focused on the improvement of Car manufacturing process by implementing Lean Tools like Kaizens, FIFO Lane, Value Stream Mapping, Line Balancing and 5S. We were successful in eliminating bottle necks and improved the cycle time of the process by 78% and also the Inventory Turns by 750%.

Static Structural Analysis of Dental Implant for different Grades of Titanium

The Goal of the project was to perform a Static Structural Analysis of Titanium Dental implant for various grades of Titanium. We performed various simulation in order to locate the stress concentration to optimize the implant design. We performed Mesh Convergence study to obtain more accurate solution and reduced error by 53%.

Statistical Process Control of Bronze Bushing Manufacturing Process

The project focused on the Analysis and Detection of Special causes present in the manufacturing process in order to reduce the variation in the process and bring the process under statistical control. We also computed and compared the process capabilities in order to evaluate their performance.

Reliability Analysis for Vehicle Side Impact Protection to Verify the Response of Rib Deflection and The Pubic Symphysis Force

The project focused on the Analysis of Side Impact of Vehicles by verifying the response of rib deflection and the pubic symphysis force. We used Monte Carlo simulation for bench-marking and compared the results using First order Reliability Method (FORM) and Univariate Dimension Reduction Method (UDR). We concluded that for our case we had 11 dimensions so using UDR was most efficient.

Undergraduate Work[edit]

Minimization of Vibration in last stage free standing blades of Low pressure Turbine

The project focused on the detection and minimization of blade vibration caused due to change in parameters like load, Vacuum Pressure, Speed and Bearing oil temperate. Vibration data during various conditions like coast up, coast down and at different load and season were collected and analysed to form a relation between the blade vibration and the selected parameters. The Vibration data was collected by using Blade Vibration Monitoring System and the project was successfully completed at TATA Power Trombay, India.

Tachometer for All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

The aim of the project was to display speed of the vehicle during its operation we used Arduino and IR sensor to form a tachometer which was mounted on the wheel rim for continuous speed monitoring and the speed was displayed to the driver through a 16x2 LCD screen.

Design and Fabrication of Automation system for setting the span of bundles on Rotators/ Idlers to reduce Cycle time, Cost, Human Fatigue and Value Analysis

The aim of the project was to develop an alternative method for the movement of Bundles of the Rotators/ Idlers to reduce Cycle time, Cost and Human Fatigue. In order to complete this objective an automation system was designed consisting of selection of Worm and worm wheel gearbox and Motor along with fabrication of Control Panel. The project was successful and saved 50% of Cycle time and Money. This project was Completed at Godrej & Boyce Ghatkopar, India

Design and Fabrication of All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

The aim of the project was to completely design and fabricate an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to compete against other team for static as well as dynamic events. We design the Chassis (Roll Cage), Steering System, Brakes and used Briggs and stratton stock engine. The ATV was successfully Fabricated and we ranked 33/148 in SAE BAJA INDIA 2017.

Ultrasonic Radar using Arduino

The aim of the project was to create a system to detect objects which are in 30cm radius. We used Ultrasonic Sensor, servo motor and Arduino Nano in order to complete this project.

Associates Degree Work[edit]

Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic Power Incense Sticks making machine

Incense stick making is a traditional process and took about 1 min to produce 1 incense stick so in order to reduce the cycle time we designed and fabricated a hydraulic power incense stick making machine which reduced the cycle time to 5 sec per incense stick, the aim of the project was to design and fabricate the machine to implement it in rural area for employment but instead was submitted to Agnel Poltechnic Vashi for the same purpose.


Design of Automated System for Adjusting the Span Between Bundles of Idlers/ Rotators for Supporting Heat Exchanger Shells

An Overview of Steam Turbine Blade Vibration Monitoring System (BVMS)

Work Experience[edit]

Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Department at Agnel Polytechnic.

As a lecturer I coordinated 3D prototyping equipment maintenance and managed coursework and labs for CAD, Solid modeling and Mechanical Machine shop practice. Also developed CAD for design iterations and concept explorations and manufactured an exoskeleton, for hands of Paralyzed patients to help attain their natural movements of fingers. Used 3D printing to develop multiple prototype of the exoskeleton in order to attain an ergonomic design. Designed and 3D printed prototypes of Spoon for patients with hand tremor.

Project Intern at TATA Power Plant.

Overview of 250MW Thermal Power-plant, Study of Low Pressure turbines and its auxiliary systems necessary for its efficient working, Study of Blade Vibration Monitoring System (BVMS) and collection of Vibration data of last stage free standing blade through it, analyzing the data and establishing a relation between Blade vibration and selected parameters like Speed, Load and Condenser Vacuum and finding a optimal rage of turbine operation for less vibration.

Manufacturing Intern at Godrej & Boyce Mfg.

Study of Manufacturing activites of Process Equipments (Heat Exchangers, Tube Bundles, High Pressure Vessels) like welding, Grinding and Machining. Coordinating between different departments (Assembly, Machining, Quality Control, Safety ) within the Process Equipment Division (PED Plant-15). Creating work order based on Job drawings and its tracking using project management software Wrench. Distribution of welding slips to particular welder according to job requirement.

Maintenance Intern at Air India

Working with Air craft Maintenance Engineer (AME) in Stripping and assembly of Turbofan Engines (CFM56-7B, GE-90, GEnX). Visual inspection of Components like Fan case, Fan blade and Nozzel. Managing the inventory.

Trainee at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Fuel Reprocessing Division

Study of various operational activities done in a Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Department (i.e. Plutonium Plant, FRD, BARC) like maintenance of Air Compressor, Steam Boiler, Heat Exchangers, Pumps,Workshop Machines, Refrigeration Machines and Plant Ventilation System.

Trainee at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Fuel Reprocessing Division Centre for Design & Manufacturing

Study of various operations performed in different section in a manufacturing facility (i.e. Centre for Design and Manufacturing, CDM, BARC ) which included Machine shop, Hi-tech Machine shop, Maintenance, Quality Control section, Welding and Fabrication Section. Use of Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for inspection of precision parts machined on 5-Axis CNC machine. Managing the inventory.


Learning Minitab, National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).

Learning Siemens NX, LinkedIn Learning.

Problem Solving Techniques, Project Management Institute.

Reverse Engineering Foundations: Product Design, LinkedIn Learning.

SOLIDWORKS: Sheet Metal Design, LinkedIn Learning.

Six Sigma: Green Belt, Project Management Institute.

Product Design in Autodesk Fusion 360 from Idea to Prototyping, Udemy.

Modeling and Prototyping for Mechanical Engineers, Udemy.

Supply chain Specialization, Rutgers University.

Introduction to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, LinkedIn Learning.

Leadership Experience[edit]

Marketing Chair, Leaders in Continuous Improvement at Michigan Technological University[edit]

  • Led general meetings and presented Lean Concepts and topics.
  • Performed Various activities to demonstrate the implementation of Lean Tool and concepts.
  • Improved membership of the organization by 60% with campus-wide promotional campaign.

Chassis Head, Torrid Racing Club at Datta Meghe College of Engineering (Affiliated to University of Mumbai)[edit]

  • Reduced the weight of Chassis by 10% using Innovative design and high strength material.
  • Performed FEA simulation for impact testing of the chassis considering various conditions.
  • Fabricated Chassis by Designing and building the Jigs for welding.


I like to travel and go on hikes. I enjoy wildlife Photography. I also enjoy playing Keyboard, Violin and I am learning to play Guitar.