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My last 5K in Students Run LA

About Me[edit | edit source]

Paul Alan Acosta
I am currently enrolled at Humboldt State University and I am currently focusing on pursuing my degree in Environmental Resource Engineering. As a child I grew up with many toys and most of them would get disassembled by me and then fixed like new because thats what I liked to do. I always was amazed as to how things worked and what went in to making them. As I grew, my interest in engineering grew more and more but I also have other interesst such as playing sports, video games, math, running, and building.

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • I am interested in the building aspect of engineering.
  • I am also interested in the designing of products to better the world and environment.
  • I find the different kinds of things we can use to gain energy, such as wind power and solar power, very interesting.
  • Oh I am very interested in trying to find a different way to power a car aside from gas or electrical.

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • As I grew up and over the summer I would help my grandpa build big bird houses.
  • I've fixed a television by opening it up and looking through the system inside it one summer. It was very interesting and kind of difficult but I kind of fixed it.
  • I built a roller coaster with popsicle sticks and tubing for my math class in 11th grade.
  • When I was 12 my first x-box wasn't working so I opened it up and tried to find the problem and fix it. I was successful in the end by the way, and I felt very proud of myself for that. It makes me laugh still to this day.

Portfolio[edit | edit source]

  • For this semester long project my team the Green Garden Gurus (G3) and I were task with the helping the Redwood Coast Montessori School upgrade their entrance garden and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Aside from building and designing a new entrance garden for the Redwood Coast Montessori school we also had to write a professional document about the project. On top of that we also had some work we had to do individually such as excel spread sheets, Microsoft word, and AutoCAD. Below you can find a list of some of the work I have produced so far.
  • This is our groups Final Document for our Project.
  • This is our groups Gantt Chart.
  • This is one of my Excel Spread Sheet that I produced.
  • This is one of my AutoCAD that I designed.
  • Here is an example of a Memo that I have written.