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Me somewhere at night time

About Me[edit]

My name is John David Brown, but I am typically referred to as J.D. I am currently an engineering student at Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA. When not studying, I spend my time playing bass and taking care of my chickens.

Various Assignments and Projects Completed in Engineering 215[edit]

This is the design project that I worked on with a team for my Engineering 215 class The Good Ship Alice COOPer

This is an AutoCAD drawing of a chicken coop that was build for design class. This is a first iteration and varies slightly from the actual coop that was built.

This is one of the memos that I wrote for my ENGR 215 project. I wrote it using an online LaTex editor and then saved it as a .pdf file.

This is a .pdf image of one of the Excel spreadsheets created for the same class.

I suppose that if I had actually created a Gantt chart, then I would be posting a link to it right here.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

During the summer I built a marginally working solar array to run the bilge pump in my duck pond. Sometimes there's even enough sun to actually run it. I also built a bog filter for the bilge pump to pump into. The three computers I have at home I built myself from spare parts cannibalized from other computers. As they are built from spare parts, many of them from faulty computers, they all have some functionality problems. Reasonably soon they will be cannibalized and rebuilt into another Frankenstein's monster computer.

Just recently I was part of a group that designed and built a chicken coop for Redwood Coast Montessori.