A sweet lil picture of my puppy Smokey Bear:)

Hey everyone,

My name is Noah Batchman and I am a senior at Cal Poly Humboldt. Majoring in Communication studies, I am set to graduate in the Spring of 2023, and have also been fortunate to work alongside the school's communication department in the Admissions office since March of 2022. Aside from this, a majority of my professional experiences in Communication have come from personal and interpersonal experiences between friends, mutuals, and coworkers/managers. I have worked a variety of jobs, ranging from a store clerk, retail assistant, media relations assistant, and even into some construction work. Through these experiences, I feel have been able to sharpen my communication and interpersonal skills, and also further understand how to more efficiently communicate with individuals. Through my recent involvement with the Transfer Student Organization and the EM Communication department, I have been able to gain the experience and skills of working with digital design, social media management, and conducting formal and informal emails that reach out to staff and students throughout Cal Poly Humboldt. As a result of these experiences, I feel that I have a sufficient understanding of working with technology to reach out to/communicate with individuals in a variety of ways.

My Interests/Hobbies:[edit | edit source]

  1. Making music
  2. Cooking
  3. Writing
  4. Digital Design
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