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Name: Nicole Lutkemuller

Having lived in the Tahoe area for the last 3 years, and down in the foothills for my life preceding Tahoe, I've gained a huge appreciation for nature and her gifts. I want to dedicate my life's work to protecting and restoring the natural world and spreading education about sustainable living. The first step towards that goal will be finishing my degree in Environmental Science and Ecology next December. I want to enter the Teach for America program after graduation to obtain my Masters in Education and hopefully start teaching Environmental Science at at the elementary and high school levels while I work on a graduate program.

Interests in Alternative Energy[edit | edit source]

  • Sustainable building and construction/remodels
  • Tahoe Basin conservation/restoration and bringing more solar/wind to the Tahoe Basin
  • Reducing and/or eliminating fossil fuel dependence - hitchhiking instead of driving your own car in the Tahoe area is an easy way to start!

Experience in Alternative Energy[edit | edit source]

  • Environmental Science degree in progress
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